Cheap phone sex isn’t the cure for romance

If you are looking for romance, then arm yourself with patience my friend.  And as you sip your morning coffee or evening glass of wine or whichever beverage takes your fancy, browsing as we do through the endless online dating profiles, jumping from one lie to another take heart that today, you don’t have to be alone.

They say that the search for romance is the result of a deep rooted need we all have not to be alone. Humans are built to be social creatures and up until days not so long gone by, even if a person was single, he she would seldom have to deal with the boredom of being alone.  There was always someone around to spend time with, go to the local pub and meet, dance with at the village Sunday ball.  Though  frowned upon, being alone was not an affliction of the heart.  One knew that sooner or later, someone would show up to brighten our heart, and bring warm to our soul…

And the we started to abandon our villages to settle in those mega metropolis for the mere promise of a paycheck.  And thus our country sides and our small towns their slow transformation, and our hearts followed in their footsteps.

Today, in neighborhood where thousands of people live within ear shot of one another, the number one propblem, we, the people have is lonelyness.

And thus we jump from dating site to dating site, hopeful that behind a profile that looked so promising, the author would be a reflection of his or her profile and not the elaborate lie.

You’ve seen it before haven’t you.  She looks gorgeous in her tight jeans, he looks so handsome in his short sleeve shirts and when either appears in front of you, a quick glance back at the picture on their profile confirms you every fear.  It’s not the same person.  Or perhaps it was, but a long time.

redhead-cheap-phone-sex-standingSuch is the nature of society. Looking for romance can be hard labor and you better be prepared to be patient.

Of course, for many, online dating serves one purpose only.  To hookup with people.  And by hooking up, you know exactly what I mean.  But even then you have to hope that the person you think you’re going to spend some time with is actually the same person who will show up in front of you.

I have returned many a times from a date, wondering what on earth can prompt a person to cheat about herself on her profile. Wouldn’t her prospective date notice?  Does she think we’ll come there with our eyes closed or does she know that we do the exact same thing.

I tell you what, romance will come, when the time is right, but in the meantime I will continue to call cheap phone sex numbers because I know exactly what I will get.  Time spent with someone who will say the things I want to hear just because that’s what I want.

As for my future wife, I’ll just have to be patient…